The TAG60 is a high performance yacht but just like any super car this performance comes with an array of safety features designed to make it fun.

Auto Release

One can program different performance modes to suit the conditions and sailing or cruising style. The auto release automatically sounds an alarm and eases the main sheet, main traveller and self tacking jib sheet to depower the yacht completely. The program has different settings predetermined by the owner. Typically we set the system at 60% of righting moment for night sailing ensuring the captain can sleep with confidence when off watch. 80% is the setting for fast safe cruising ensuring you get to your destination at a good pace in good conditions. 100% is set when the conditions are perfect with constant wind, comfortable sea states and you have competent crew who are up for high speed sailing and fun.

Max Heel angle

The inclimeter reads the heel angle and does not let the yacht go above this by automatically easing or totally releasing the main, traveller and jib sheet. The max angle is also programmable by the user.

Rig Load sensors

The rig load sensors read the load and if the maximum setting is exceeded once again an alarm is sounded and the sail controls are released.


Another safety feature is the hydraulically controlled centerboards which can be raised in heavy weather to once again allow a safer ride. Fixed keels cannot be adjusted and this makes a catamaran vulnerable in big beam seas where resistance to side slippage can be very dangerous.


The hull and superstructure were engineered with a full FEA by Gurit – SP High Modulus and the custom carbon rotating rig by AES. The top engineering firms were contracted to ensure the TAG60 performs to its expectations. No short cuts have been taken.


The cockpit and aft deck have high bulwarks to create a safe and contained feeling. One does not experience that feeling of “ I can slip and go under the guard rail” feeling. All the decks are also level and clear of ropes giving one the confidence to move around safely.

These are 6 safety features designed to ensure you have fun within the limits of your choice. There is no other sailing catamaran in this class that offers this level of safety and peace of mind with the performance on offer. Of course all the standard safety features that apply to an open ocean, class “A” sailing yacht designed to sail around the world are standard too.

So all in all we have designed and created an exciting true sailing catamaran with a lot of safety features which can be easily managed by 2 crew.

Just as one reviews the safety features when buying a vehicle so should one consider the safety systems of an ocean going yachts and ultimately your home.