Sailing the TAG60

The TAG 60 was built with ease of sailing in mind. This is practically the largest yacht a couple would want to handle. The 60 foot range of catamaran provides good performance, and manageable maintenance schedules, which ensure you are able to enjoy the sailing lifestyle. The TAG 60 offers excellent sailing capabilities on all points of sail and with the hydraulic joystick controls all functions are easy to manage from each of the dual helm stations by the captain.

Rudder response

The feel of the solid link steering system is direct and gives good feedback, similar to a vehicles system. Once again you feel as if you are part of the boat. You can truly sail the boat on feel. The instruments are there but this design allows you to feel the performance and when you are in the groove you can really experience sailing.

Handling various sea states

Even when sailing into short choppy seas, the motion is comfortable with no slamming or pounding due to the high 1.3m bridgedeck clearance. The boat is very stiff and there is no flex in the structure. This makes the motion very comfortable as the response to the sea state is very direct.


Tacking is smooth and the boat passes through the eye of the wind easily. Even if you don’t have max speed there is little chance of stalling. The boat is really manoeuvrable.

Hydraulic operations

It takes some getting used to, but having the convenience of joystick controls allows you to manage, trim and sail the TAG60 with ease. The helmsman can make adjustments without asking anyone to help or having to relieve the helm. Physically it is obviously less demanding and this means you will constantly trim the boat as needed.

Sailing performance

Although the TAG60 has an impressive top end speed and will thrill those who push her to her full potential. The biggest benefit is her light air performance. Its all about enjoying the journey and if you can get to your destination faster and safer then this translates into more relaxation time. The TAG60 will comfortably do 300mile plus runs per day. In todays fast paced life our vacation and leisure time is precious. Lets sail fast and then live slow!

Light Air sailing

In Light airs from 6-15 knots of true wind the TAG60 equals the wind speed and regularly exceeds it by 20%. This means you will be sailing when most are still motoring. This yacht is designed for the sailor who enjoys sailing. Good light performance means the sea state will be flat and comfortable so the sailors can enjoy the sailing thrill, while family and friends can relax not even knowing the speeds being sailed at.

The added safety benefit is that with the performance range one can avoid uncomfortable weather situations by either sailing around or away from them.

Upwind sailing

The TAG60 does not sail like a traditional catamaran upwind. With the centerboards and powerful sail plan with a carbon rotating wing mast, the TAG60 regularly out points and out sails larger mono-hulls. Eg. 10 knots of True wind will equal a boat speed of 12knots at 40degrees to the true wind and about 25 degrees off the apparent wind.


This is the fun angle with the TAG60 having little resistance in the water due its slim hulls and a very powerful sail plan. Once the speed is up and the apparent wind is generated, the TAG60 can crack off to broader wind angles and still maintain the speed. The rotating wing mast and powerful headsail plan keep the apparent wind forward.

Down wind

Deep down wind sailing is similar to a racing catamaran. Once again generate the apparent wind and dive off the wind. During sea-trials on a 20knot breeze day, we had the TAG 60 sailing at 18-24 knots at 150 degrees off the true wind with the apparent wind angle sitting at 40 degrees. Truly impressive.

Rotating mast

This is the secret weapon. Rotating the mast means you can adjust the camber of the mainsail from 6-13 degrees. What this translates into is that you have a huge range where you control the power. To accelerate, max rotation is applied to generate the raw power of a deep foil. Once you gain speed a finer entry is required to minimise drag and thus one reduces the rotation. This also dramatically increases the wind range without having to reef the main sail.

Sail options

The standard sail package is a square top mainsail with easy hoist, self tacking jib and staysail. The headsail options are a 118 sqm light air jib, 180 sqm Code 0 and a 340sqm top down furling asymmetric Gennaker, all made by Quantum sail in Fusion technology to give the best blend between high performance and longevity.


The sail controls are either via hydraulic rams for the mainsail, main traveller, self tacking jib sheet, centerboards or via the 3 speed 24V Harken winches. Hydraulic controls are via 2 joysticks so all functions are close at hand and intuitive so there is no need to search for buttons.